About Us

PrimeTime Dance was launched in 2006 with the idea that every competition can have the excitement and fun of a national finals! Bringing the professional hosting and event management experience developed at Showbiz since 1988, and combining it with our PrimeTime Live Finals, we have developed a unique competition that is fun for students of all levels.

New features for our 2024 season:

• Improved Registration System & Companion App

• FREE Media Packages for all regional events!

• Improved Solo Age Divisions

Our mission is to provide you the best experience at a dance competition, and it's a mission we take very seriously. For that reason, we actively speak with our studios about our product and listen to their thoughts and comments. The PrimeTIme staff is composed of current and former dancers and entertainers from many facets of the industry, and they are here to help your studio and students to be the best they can be!

For a comprehensive overview of our awards and competition structure, please see our Rules & Regulations.